Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Fighting Priti Patel’s war on migrants

Despite its talk of helping Afghan refugees, the government is passing new laws to harass migrants

Millie Collins  ·  27 August 2021

Glasgow shows we need a mass movement to resist the “hostile environment”

When a Home Office van appeared on Kenmure Street in Glasgow southside early in the morning of 13 May and bundled two men out of their homes, the community responded immediately. Within minutes, an activist from the No Evictions Network had laid down underneath the van to stop it from moving, and a crowd gathered […]

Urte March  ·  03 June 2021

Lesbos: The migrant crisis is a humanitarian crisis

Refugees still stranded on Lesbos.

Samuel George  ·  10 November 2020

Work, housing and equality for all refugees

We must resist the Tories' demonisation and violent victimisation of some of the most vulnerable people on earth.

Red Flag  ·  09 November 2020

End Britain’s colonisation of the Chagos Islands

Return the Chagos Islands to Mauritius.

Chris Clough  ·  01 November 2020

Refugees in the Aegean or the Channel – let them come to Britain!

Fires have destroyed the Moria “camp”.

Dave Stockton  ·  10 September 2020

End the senseless slaughter, send aid not warships to migrants in the Channel!

Open the borders to refugees, economic migrants, asylum seekers.

Rob Schofield  ·  18 August 2020

Bulletin | Solidarity with Channel REfugees

Red Flag  ·  04 August 2020

Immigration and the Trade Unions

The recent election of a Conservative government, with one of the most openly racist Prime Ministers and Cabinet in living memory, the victory of an openly xenophobic and anti-immigrant Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum, and the rise of racist and xenophobic movements in Britain and throughout the world, have all raised questions as to how the working class movement should respond to what appears to be growing support within the working class for restrictions on immigration

Tim Nailsea  ·  31 March 2020

Why socialists oppose the Tories’ new immigration system

Trade unions and Labour MPs should oppose this attack on workers and fight for the progressive policy passed at conference

Dave Brody  ·  01 March 2020

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