Post Office

Mr Bates vs the Post Office: A great British scandal

Review of the tv series that exposed the Horizon scandal.

Jeremy Dewar  ·  17 January 2024

Royal Mail bulletin: Coordinate and escalate the action

Industrial bulletin for 29 July 2022

Workers Power  ·  29 July 2022

Mail, post, telecoms: co-ordinate the strikes

By a CWU rep IT IS a sign of the times that workers across the three main sectors organised by the Communications Workers Union—Royal Mail, Post Office and British Telecom—could be striking together. This would be a first for the CWU. Post Office workers led the way earlier this summer, with 1,500 workers taking two […]

Andy Yorke  ·  05 July 2022

Post Office workers serve up strike

Post Office workers are preparing to strike on 3 May after a massive 97.3% vote for industrial action over pay.

Andy Yorke  ·  27 April 2022

Class struggle bulletin

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