The class struggle in 2024

Great power rivalry is back. That means more wars, more coups — and an end to the farce of global cooperation on climate change. On the home front, a general election is a chance for workers to put our demands on the agenda.

KD Tait  ·  12 January 2024

Global capitalism at a turning point

Our perspectives on the current global situation, League for the Fifth International Congress in Berlin, June 2019

Workers Power  ·  10 August 2019

Britain: left unprepared for stormy election period

As Britain approaches its most unpredictable election in many decades, Workers Power surveys the state of the economy, the labour movement and the far left Britain stands on the verge of an election campaign whose outcome is, as everyone accepts, uncertain. Yet instead of this exciting people by the prospect of a lively debate of […]

Workers Power  ·  08 December 2014

Autumn 2013 Political-economic perspectives

Perspectives, strategy and tasks in the class struggle.

Workers Power  ·  15 September 2013

Class struggle bulletin

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