Overseas Operations Bill: Starmer’s march to the right hits double-time

Labour abstains on bill that decriminalises torture.

Joe Crathorne  ·  26 September 2020

CWU leadership talks out the ballot

Postal workers being lined up for a defeat

A CWU Rep  ·  21 September 2020

Nationalise Royal Mail, defend the USO!

Royal Mail is in the red - our answer must be renationalisation

Pete Thompson  ·  14 July 2020

Union makes concessions as talks begin with Royal Mail

The answer to a Royal Mail in the red is renationalisation not cuts

A CWU Rep  ·  14 July 2020

Why Covid-19 has pushed the NHS past breaking point

The UK government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed not only the ineptitude of the current government but the sorry state of our National Health Service, which has been pushed to breaking point by successive administrations

Rebecca Anderson  ·  13 April 2020

British Steel: Nationalisation under workers’ control

The labour movement needs to act quickly to prevent asset stripping, block the closure, and secure public ownership.

Workers Power  ·  26 May 2019

N is for Nationalisation

"Nationalisation, without compensation and under workers’ control."

Workers Power  ·  27 September 2018

A socialist plan for steel

By Jeremy Dewar Labour should demand the permanent nationalisation of Tata’s UK operation. Steelworkers have paid for these works many times over with their labour, so no compensation is necessary. […]

Workers Power  ·  17 April 2016

Nationalise steel as part of an industrial plan

By Jeremy Dewar At a board meeting in Mumbai, India, Tata executives voted through a plan to sell off all its UK plants or, failing that, to shut them down. […]

Workers Power  ·  17 April 2016

Marxism and… Cooperatives

The concept of cooperatives as an alternative to both private and state ownership has resurfaced courtesy of a recent speech by Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell. This article sets out […]

Workers Power  ·  16 February 2016

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