Erdogan and Putin conclude deal against Kurds

The Turkish-Russian agreement on the establishment of a buffer zone along the Turkish-Syrian border, which was negotiated in Sochi on 22 October, has fundamentally changed the balance of power in Syria

Robert Teller  ·  19 November 2019

USA prepares to double-cross its “moderate” allies

LIKE Putin’s strategy in Syria, Britain’s and the USA’s also involves double-crossing old allies and co-opting new ones. The case that Cameron made for war included a reference to 70,000 “moderate opposition” fighters, whose existence many have been far too quick to dismiss, given the likely far larger size of the Syrian armed opposition. Cameron […]

Workers Power  ·  26 January 2016

War and Peace in Syria

By Marcus Halaby A COMMON view in the anti-war movement is that the current war in Syria is effectively a repeat of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, with Syria’s as-yet undefeated revolution against the Assad dictatorship simply the product of a US-led attempt at “regime change”. But in some ways it more closely resembles the […]

Workers Power  ·  26 January 2016

Eyewitness to the Ankara Massacre

On 11 October a demonstration against state terror ended in the bloodiest massacre in Turkeys’ recent history. About 10,000 people travelled from across the country to gather in front of the main railway station in Ankara. Two major union federations, the Turkish Medical Association and the Engineers’ and Architects’ Association, had mobilised for the march, […]

Workers Power  ·  08 November 2015

Oppose all Foreign Military Intervention in Syria

ONE of the most important factors in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign was his opposition to the war in Iraq, and to any future wars in the Middle East. The lies and spin that took us to war in Iraq under Tony Blair still weigh heavily on the minds of millions. Ed Miliband’s refusal to give […]

Workers Power  ·  08 November 2015

Turkey: vote HDP on June 7 then build a revolutionary party

By Svenja Zhenot 5 June 2015 Turkey’s Parliamentary elections on June 7 will take place against a background of sharpening political crisis in the region. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP (Justice and Development Party) has been in power since 2002, maintaining its stronghold over Turkish politics with their brand of conservative Islamist and neoliberal policies. […]

Workers Power  ·  05 June 2015

Can Rojava Kurds unite with Syrian revolutionaries?

By Marcus Halaby The liberated zones of the Syrian Kurds in Rojava have inspired debate and praise, but now hundreds of thousands are fleeing Islamic State terror. Marcus Halaby examines their role in the Syrian revolution and the ideology of their leading party Much of the international left has hailed the emergence of autonomous Kurdish […]

Workers Power  ·  06 October 2014

Class struggle bulletin

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