No Pride in deportations!

50 years after the Stonewall riots, over a million people flooded central London for the biggest ever annual Pride celebration. The actual march, limited to just 30,000 participants by Pride organisers, was overwhelmingly a jamboree of corporate and government pink-washing

Workers Power  ·  09 July 2019

Free Captain Rackete

The arrest of the captain of the Sea Watch 3 triggered a storm of indignation throughout Europe. On Lampedusa, it was not only the thugs of the racist Interior Minister and Lega leader Salvini who met the 31-year-old Carola Rackete, who took her ship into the port on the night of 28-29 June. Many demonstrators also loudly expressed their solidarity with the courageous woman.

Workers Power  ·  09 July 2019

The Central American Migrant Caravan: Let Them In!

By Tobi Hansen They have been on the road since October 12, a “caravan” of more than 7,000 refugees from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, heading for Tijuana on the US-Mexican border. Now they have reached southern Mexico. They have chosen this course of action because they no longer see any hope of a minimally […]

Workers Power  ·  05 November 2018

No refuge for Cameron in asylum crisis

By Jeremy Dewar 13 September 2015 Over 100,000 people marched through the streets of London on Saturday 12 September under the slogan, “Refugees Welcome Here”. It was the biggest pro-migrant demonstration we have seen for many years. Not only did the crowd cheer every point that brand new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn say, but it […]

Workers Power  ·  13 September 2015

No more deaths – welcome refugees now

3 September 2015 The drowned body of three year old Aylan Kurdi washed up on a beach near Bodrum, Turkey on Wednesday 2nd. The photograph has concentrated the minds of millions on the catastrophe unfolding on Europe’s Mediterranean shore. Aylan drowned along with his five year old brother Galip, his mother Rehan and nine other […]

Workers Power  ·  03 September 2015

Planet without a visa

By Jeremy Dewar 12 August 2015 There are more refugees in the world today than ever before. This year’s Global Trends Report, published by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), puts the figure at 59.5 million people at the end of 2014, a record 11 million up on the 2013 figure and over […]

Workers Power  ·  11 August 2015

Calais crisis: the English Channel is becoming a river of blood

By KD Tait 30 July, 2015 On Tuesday night a young Sudanese man was crushed to death by a lorry. Nine people have been killed trying to cross the channel this month. What kind of desperation would convince you to leap onto the back of a moving lorry? What kind of existence leaves you no […]

Workers Power  ·  30 July 2015

Deterrent by drowning: Mediterranean tragedy is official policy

By Dave Stockton and KD Tait ONCE AGAIN, the seas surrounding Fortress Europe run red with the blood of migrants. The mass drowning of 900 migrants in the Mediterranean is the result of the European leaders’ criminal policy of discouraging immigration by letting desperate people die.Only 28 people were rescued from a boat that capsized […]

Workers Power  ·  22 April 2015

Racist and sexual abuse widespread at Yarl’s Wood

Joy Macready reports on the scandal at the heart of Britain’s privatised immigration system and yet another tale of abuse by Serco staff. Time to call for the shutting down of all deportation centres After numerous complaints, a hunger strike by 80 inmates, CCTV evidence and even a prison pregnancy, the truth about widespread sexual […]

Workers Power  ·  15 June 2014

Why did Tories invent fake “Romanian invasion” story?

By Bernie McAdam Hard on the heels of the Tories’ new Immigration Bill with its tougher anti-immigrant stance comes a new wave of hysteria surrounding the so called “Romanian invasion”. On 1 January, Romanians and Bulgarians gained the same working rights as other EU citizens, thus making them eligible to migrate to Britain. Guess what? […]

Workers Power  ·  11 January 2014

Tories’ Immigration Bill is anti-working class

  By Rebecca Anderson The Tories’ controversial new Immigration Bill passed through its second reading by 303 votes to 18 on 22 October, despite speculation that Labour might oppose it. The Bill’s main proposals are to: •          Make temporary residents like students pay for NHS treatment. •          Reduce the number of grounds for appeal against […]

Workers Power  ·  27 November 2013

Roma and the recession: new crisis, old racism

Fuelled by racist myths, a new wave of anti-Roma racism is sweeping Europe. KD Tait argues for solidarity In October, Irish police kidnapped two young Roma children from separate Roma families. The parents and children were forced to undergo DNA tests, which proved… they were indeed related. This followed the case of Maria, a Roma […]

Workers Power  ·  12 November 2013

Fight racism – defend migrants

Prime Minister David Cameron has again whipped up racist fears about immigration, calling for “good immigration, not mass immigration” and claiming he will stop “hundreds of thousands” coming to Britain.

Workers Power  ·  26 April 2011

Class struggle bulletin

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