The fight for safe re-opening of schools goes on

A brief respite is being eroded by the government's failure to adequately fund safe schools

A Unison Steward  ·  16 February 2021

School closures can develop into fight for workers’ control of education

By KD Tait Following a mass online briefing attended by tens of thousands of education workers at the weekend, trade unionists are taking action to prevent the unsafe reopening of schools. This action is now essential because the government’s insistence on keeping schools open was a major contributory factor to the spread of a more […]

KD Tait  ·  04 January 2021

Stop schools, colleges, universities spreading disease and death

By Jeremy Dewar Novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-19 continues to test the world’s governments. None more than Boris Johnson’s Tory administration, it seems, with the recent discovery of a new strain, variant B117 in the south-east of Britain, which is proving to be 56% more infectious than previous iterations of the virus. Not only is this variant […]

Jeremy Dewar  ·  30 December 2020

Students strike against university management

Manchester students have occupied a university building.

Joe Crathorne  ·  12 November 2020

Shut down schools and colleges now

We need to prepare to take action.

A Unison Steward  ·  10 November 2020

Imperialism in the classroom: decolonise the curriculum

Tories ban anti-capitalist materials from the classroom.

Dara O'Cogaidhin  ·  05 October 2020

Locked-down students betrayed by uni bosses: #RentStrike now!

Government mismanagement and landlord profiteering has left students locked up in highly expensive accommodation which is rapidly becoming an incubator for the virus.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  02 October 2020

Unite and fight for jobs and education

Students must organise solidarity with workers struggles.

Mel Astbury  ·  07 September 2020

Tories could unleash a second wave by reopening schools

For parents', students' and teachers' control of health and safety in our schools.

A UCU rep  ·  03 September 2020

“Jobs jobs jobs”

Labour’s unemployment policy means handouts for the rich.

Tim Nailsea  ·  03 September 2020

Class struggle bulletin

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