Spain heads to the polls

Spain heads to the polls on 28th April in a snap election which has exposed the political bankruptcy of all five main parties and threatens to propel the far right to power.

Urte March  ·  04 May 2019

Rajoy loses Catalan elections – now it’s time to throw him out

The Spanish Prime Minister has been punished for his handling of the Catalan separatist crisis. Now is the moment for a united movement to kick out his austerity government

Workers Power  ·  23 December 2017

Catalan elections set for inconclusive result

The struggle between Catalan separatists and the Madrid government has poisoned relations in the province, with neither side able to offer a satisfactory way forward

Workers Power  ·  16 December 2017

Catalan nationalists collapse with a whimper

After the nationalist debacle, it's time for working class unity to fight for a socialist and democratic alternative

Workers Power  ·  31 October 2017

Spain: after the nationalist debacle, unite the working class

ON OCTOBER 27, the Catalan Parliament declared independence by 70 to 10, with 55 abstentions. The Spanish state responded by removing the Catalan First Minister and his government from office, dissolving the Parliament, and assuming control of the region’s government, police and media. New elections have been called for December 21. Until then, Soraya Sáenz […]

Workers Power  ·  30 October 2017

Rally to defend democracy in Catalonia, Spain and Europe!

IN CATALONIA, the Madrid government’s refusal to grant bail to the “two Jordis”, Jordi Sánchez chairman of the ANC and Jordi Cuixart, chairman of Òmnium Cultural, and the threats to dissolve Catalonia’s Parliament and arrest its President, have been met with the largest demonstrations yet. Half a million marched in Barcelona, with tens of thousands […]

Workers Power  ·  24 October 2017

Catalonia independence referendum a headache for right and left

When Spain adopted its post-Franco constitution there was a fierce battle over the character of the state. The Right insisted on its unitary character with all its inhabitants simply “Spaniards”. The Left wanted a “plurinational state” with a federal character. The Right basically won and the 1978 constitution referred to “the common and indivisible homeland […]

Workers Power  ·  26 January 2016

Anti-cuts struggle escalates in Spain

By K Tait Hundreds of masked, black-clad police advancing, firing rubber bullets into the backs of fleeing protesters. In a side street, young people confronting vans of riot police behind a blazing barricade. These were the streets of Madrid as Spain’s government announced a further £8billion of cuts to education, health and welfare spending in […]

Workers Power  ·  04 October 2012

Class struggle bulletin

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