Baloch Students Organisation – BSO

Solidarity with Baloch students!

By Beberg Baloch This statement has been published in solidarity with the Baloch Students Organisation. Balochistan has witnessed mass upheavals throughout the province after what has become known as the Dannuk Incident. Angry but peaceful crowds chanted slogans against the oppressive regime and their hired death squads, which have been involved in murders of common […]

Workers Power  ·  20 July 2020

Pakistan: Jiand Baloch is free – the Baloch people are not!

The Baloch Students' Organisation has announced the release of student leader Jiand Baloch. We thank all those individuals, activists and organisations who raised their voice in solidarity with Jiand Baloch and the BSO. It was your effort which saved a comrade's life. Thus, instead of destroying the BSO, state repression has only managed to popularise it.

Workers Power  ·  14 August 2019

Pakistan: Missing students released

After the release of three students - step up the campaign to end abductions.

Workers Power  ·  01 January 2019

Class struggle bulletin

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