2017 General election

A tale of two manifestos

Simon Hannah compares Tony Benn’s 1983 and Jeremy Corbyn’s 2017 contributions

Workers Power  ·  21 June 2017

Coalition of chaos: who are the DUP?

POLITICAL EVENTS in Northern Ireland are generally given scant coverage in the popular British press or broadcast media.

Workers Power  ·  21 June 2017

Labour surge hangs Tories out to dry

A massive turnout of young and working class voters has inflicted a shock defeat on the Tories

Workers Power  ·  09 June 2017

The Tory manifesto is a wolf in wolf’s clothing

THE TORY MANIFESTO, Forward Together, is a smoke and mirrors exercise. Journalists who are easily fooled or, more commonly, out to fool others, have claimed May is stealing Labour’s clothes.

Workers Power  ·  25 May 2017

For the many: a manifesto worth fighting for?

LABOUR’S 2017 MANIFESTO has been heralded as the most left wing manifesto since 1983.

Workers Power  ·  20 May 2017

Class struggle bulletin

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