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PCS members say no to below-inflation pay ‘rise’

PCS members follow the nurses' lead

PCS Activists  ·  07 July 2023

Civil service unions: escalate now or never

By Rebecca Anderson UNLIKE OTHER public sector workers, the government’s 2022/23 pay offer to civil servants has not been improved by the wave of industrial action. Despite double-digit inflation, the government has refused to negotiate anything above the 2–3% pay rise that has already been imposed, not even offering the derisory one-off payments recently rejected […]

Rebecca Anderson  ·  28 April 2023

PCS: Targeted strikes are not enough

Branches have called on the NEC to bring all members out in January.

PCS Activists  ·  18 December 2022

PCS strike ballot: what kind of action do we need?

Civil servants are being balloted over pay, pensions and job cuts until 7 November

Workers Power  ·  08 October 2022

Public sector pay ballots: press for co-ordination

Nurses, refuse collectors, youth workers, teachers, lecturers and civil servants are being balloted.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  10 September 2022

Report — TUC lefts urge resistance to cost of living crisis

By Jeremy Dewar “A new deal for working people, a new social settlement for the UK” A LONDON TUC rally for the 18 June national demonstration heard speakers from a variety of disputes and strikes. Rail workers, teachers and lecturers, caterers and cleaners, civil servants were all represented. The eve-of-rally meeting, held at Congress House […]

Jeremy Dewar  ·  14 June 2022

PCS Conference votes to launch campaign on jobs and pay in the Autumn

By a PCS member WITHOUT WARNING, let alone consultation, Boris Johnson has announced over 90,000 job cuts in the civil service. To add insult to injury he did so through the pages of the virulently anti-worker Daily Mail, while suggesting the resultant savings would be used to cut taxes, benefiting the rich most. One in […]

PCS Activists  ·  31 May 2022

PCS: now is the time to strike

PCS is deciding whether to ballot its members for strike action.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  27 April 2022

PCS members must organise for pay fight

The Civil Servants’ union PCS will hold a consultative ballot on pay and pensions between 14 February and 21 March.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  07 February 2022

Covid-19 and the PCS: from workers’ rights to workers’ control

In the DWP we should veto work that sanctions or penalises claimants and demand Universal Credit is paid on the first day, in advance, not six weeks in arrears. In the Home Office – end deportations and close the detention centres

PCS Activists  ·  22 March 2020

Class struggle bulletin

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