Workers Power issue 397

Mini-budget: This was what Brexit was really about

By Peter Main At first sight, Kwasi Kwarteng’s “mini-budget” looks like nothing more than pandering to the Tory members who voted for Liz Truss. Anyone who seriously thinks that forcing part-time workers on Universal Credit to find a few more hours of work each week is going to have the slightest effect on the national […]

Peter Main  ·  29 September 2022

Iran: strikes key to breaking Ayatollahs’ dictatorship

Women are defying repression and murder to demand the fall of the Iranian dictatorship

Workers Power  ·  24 September 2022

Elizabeth Windsor (1926–2022)

HOUR AFTER hour of obsequious commentary, constant updating on the progress of the coffin towards London, an uninterrupted procession of has-beens and would-be’s underlining their own importance by recalling their past royal encounters—there is no way of avoiding the passing of Elizabeth II. More importantly, the suspension of strike action by the RMT and by […]

Peter Main  ·  13 September 2022

‘Touch one, touch all’: The murder of Chris Kaba

By Jeremy Dewar TWO TO three thousand people turned out in central London on Saturday 10 September to protest the killing of Chris Kaba by the police the previous Monday. The large response clearly surprised the police and organisers, just as it lifted the spirits of the grieving family. Another police murder Chris was the […]

KD Tait  ·  13 September 2022

Class struggle bulletin

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