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UCU members: fight Grady’s sabotage

Vote 'No' to consultation and 'Yes' to action.

KD Tait  ·  28 March 2023

UCU: Anatomy of a betrayal

By Dara O’Cogaidhin THE UCU strike has been called off following a campaign of anti-democratic, bureaucratic manoeuvring by General Secretary Jo Grady. After negotiations with the employers’ organisation UCEA, Grady informed members via Twitter that a ‘two week period of calm’ was agreed which would enable ‘intensive negotiations with the aim of reaching a final […]

Rob Schofield  ·  09 March 2023

UCU: 70,000 join university strikes

The UCU took action in 150 universities in November.

Dara O'Cogaidhin  ·  17 December 2022

Universities bulletin: Democratic control and escalation

Universities bulletin for 30 November 2022

Workers Power  ·  30 November 2022

Public sector pay ballots: press for co-ordination

Nurses, refuse collectors, youth workers, teachers, lecturers and civil servants are being balloted.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  10 September 2022

Political bulletin: Time to escalate and coordinate

Political bulletin for 27 July 2022

Workers Power  ·  27 July 2022

Colleges to strike as UCU re-ballots in HE

UCU members at 33 further education (FE) colleges are taking part in a ballot for industrial action.

Dara O'Cogaidhin  ·  13 July 2022

Higher education strikes: escalate and fight for rank and file control

The Higher Education strike has seen vibrant picket lines and a fighting mood up and down the country.

Andy Yorke  ·  01 March 2022

UCU strikes: escalate to win

THE UNIVERSITY and College Union (UCU) has confirmed a new wave of strike action at 68 universities in February and March. This follows the three-day strike last December in defence of their USS pension scheme and for better pay and working conditions. Since then, twelve further branches have beaten the anti-union legal threshold of 50% […]

Dara O'Cogaidhin  ·  14 February 2022

Rank and file must keep UCU strike on track

The University and College Union (UCU) has confirmed a new wave of strike action at 68 universities in February and March.

Dara O'Cogaidhin  ·  07 February 2022

Class struggle bulletin

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