USA prepares to double-cross its “moderate” allies

LIKE Putin’s strategy in Syria, Britain’s and the USA’s also involves double-crossing old allies and co-opting new ones. The case that Cameron made for war included a reference to 70,000 […]

Workers Power  ·  26 January 2016

Eyewitness to the Ankara Massacre

On 11 October a demonstration against state terror ended in the bloodiest massacre in Turkeys’ recent history. About 10,000 people travelled from across the country to gather in front of […]

Workers Power  ·  08 November 2015

Free journalist Stephen Kaczynski

FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION! On the 2nd April, members of the Turkish police and Army raided the İdil Culture Centre (İdil Kültür Merkezi) in Istanbul.  They arrested members of the […]

Workers Power  ·  25 July 2015

Turkey: vote HDP on June 7 then build a revolutionary party

By Svenja Zhenot 5 June 2015 Turkey’s Parliamentary elections on June 7 will take place against a background of sharpening political crisis in the region. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP […]

Workers Power  ·  05 June 2015

Turkey: defend union rights – victory to the metal workers' strike!

By Svenja Spunck, 4 February 2015 On the morning of January 29, in Turkey, 15,000 workers in the metal industry downed tools. The left trade union confederation DISK (Devrimci İşçi […]

Workers Power  ·  04 February 2015

Can the Turkish Spring become a hot summer?

The movement which brought millions onto the streets now finds itself caught between the uncompromising violence of the state and the limitations of its tactics. KD Tait argues that now […]

Workers Power  ·  16 June 2013

Syria: Legitimacy and Division

As the rival imperialist powers manoeuvre to gain an advantage from the mass uprising against Bashar al-Assad’s dictatorship, Marcus Halaby examines the regime’s strategy and tactics as it struggles, if […]

Workers Power  ·  14 August 2012

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