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Review: Common History, Common Struggle by Peter Hadden

Review of Common History, Common Struggle by Peter Hadden.

Bernie McAdam  ·  13 February 2021

Ireland: the Socialist Party's dangerous times

By Bernie McAdam 20 April 2015 The Socialist Party in Ireland is deeply worried. Senior trade union officials like Irish Congress of Trade Unions President John Douglas and Jack O’Connor, leader of the south’s biggest union SIPTU, are courting Sinn Fein. They have responded by producing the article ‘Trade Unions and Sinn Fein: Dangerous Times’ […]

Red Flag  ·  20 April 2015

Ireland: United Left Alliance disintegrates

The Socialist Party of Ireland has announced its withdrawal from the United Left Alliance (ULA). The Workers and Unemployed Action Group (WUAG) departed last year and only the People before Profit Alliance/Socialist Workers Party, along with non aligned activists, remain in the depleted ranks of the ULA. The General Election 2011 had seen the recently […]

Red Flag  ·  13 February 2013

National Shop Stewards Network splits

The crisis inside the national Shop Stewards Network has come to a head and resulted in the inevitable parting of the ways between the Socialist Party on the one hand and virtually every other tendency on the other. By pushing through their motion to set up an NSSN anti-cuts campaign in opposition to the Coalition […]

Red Flag  ·  31 January 2011

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