Reproductive rights

Roe v Wade overturned: women say—’we will not go back!’

International Secretariat, League for the Fifth International Finally, they have done it. On June 24, after fifty years of a limited constitutional right to abortion, American women were robbed of […]

Workers Power  ·  26 June 2022

Poland: Mass protests and strikes against abortion ban

Mass protests in Poland for abortion rights.

Aventina Holzer and Martin Suchanek  ·  01 November 2020

Labour leadership contest: defend women’s right to choose

Urte March responds to Rebecca Long-Bailey's comments on abortion and religious education.

Urte March  ·  31 January 2020

Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage Finally Legal in Northern Ireland

At midnight on 21 October, abortions and same-sex marriage were legalised in Northern Ireland. The new law was passed in Westminster rather than Stormont as the devolved administration hasn’t sat since January 2017 amid political deadlock. The legislation, proposed as an amendment by Labour MP Stella Creasey and passed by 332 votes to 99, was the culmination of a campaign by backbench MPs and women and LGBT rights organisations to bring civil rights in NI in line with Britain.

Rebecca Anderson  ·  19 November 2019

USA: Our bodies – our choice

By Mekdela Ejigu THE limited legal abortion and women’s reproductive rights available in the United States exist in a permanent state of siege enforced by the Republican party and religious […]

Workers Power  ·  08 March 2018

Defend a woman’s right to choose

By Ella Mertens WHETHER in Chile or Ireland, Germany or Poland – all over the world – women are protesting for their right to control their own bodies. A new […]

Workers Power  ·  06 March 2018

Ireland: Abortion Rights Campaign secures referendum on Eighth Amendment

Escalate the struggle for safe, legal and free access to abortion for women across Ireland and the Six Counties. 

Workers Power  ·  27 October 2017

Women on the frontline

By Joy Macready WOMEN continue to face fierce austerity attacks on welfare, jobs, trade union rights, education, healthcare and childcare. Shouldering the double burden of unpaid domestic and waged labour, […]

Workers Power  ·  06 March 2016

We need to talk about abortion differently

Joy Macready reviews Katha Pollitt, ‘Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights’, Picador, 2014, pp258, $25 “We need to talk about ending a pregnancy as a common, even normal, event in the reproductive lives […]

Workers Power  ·  04 March 2015

Free abortion on demand

Joy Macready reports on the growing backlash against a women’s right to choose In September, a woman was jailed for terminating her pregnancy in its final stage. Sarah Catt took […]

Workers Power  ·  13 October 2012

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