Rank and file

With dodgy deals looming, the rank and file must organise to seize control of the unions

As the strike wave boils over into summer Workers Power argues that the rank and file are key to transforming the unions

Workers Power  ·  03 June 2023

Organising from above: Review of A Collective Bargain by Jane McAlevey

By Tim Nailsea A Collective Bargain is Jane McAlevey’s third book, following Raising Expectations (and Hell) and No Shortcuts. These are useful reading for trade union activists and are the […]

Tim Nailsea  ·  18 December 2022

We need a national fight against cost of living attacks

Instead of waiting for the leaders, rank and file activists and reps need to make the start.

Unite and Fight Bulletin  ·  23 April 2022

Unite: Is there an alternative to the Broad Left strategy?

Unite General Secretary election raises questions about organising the rank and file.

Tim Nailsea  ·  06 August 2021

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