Police Bill raises the need for organised self-defence

Self defence is no offence

Joe Crathorne  ·  03 May 2021

USA: Daunte Wright’s murder shows police cannot be reformed

Wright’s murder, and the sheer number of such killings over many years, proves the inherently racist character of the police force. Quite simply, they cannot be reformed.

Tom Burns  ·  14 April 2021

Bristol, riots and resistance

It’s the police violence we should be condemning.

Tim Nailsea  ·  30 March 2021

Victory for the Shrewsbury 24—but this is only the beginning

State surveillance, political trials and blacklisting

Joe Crathorne  ·  27 March 2021

Not one more: the fight to end violence against women

We cannot rely on the police or state.

Urte March  ·  18 March 2021

Myanmar: Resistance to coup continues, solidarity with workers and youth

At least 38 protesters killed on 3 March.

Dave Stockton  ·  10 March 2021

Pakistan: Down with state repression! International solidarity with Kashmir!

Major Pakistani police operation against Kashmiris.

Workers Power  ·  13 January 2021

Thailand: government wavers… how to overthrow it?


Robert Teller  ·  25 November 2020

Spy cops: stranger than fiction

We need a workers' inquiry.

Dave Brody  ·  23 November 2020

Chile: Mass movement wins constitutional convention

From protests to the referendum and beyond.

Chris Clough  ·  04 November 2020

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