Revolutionary Women: Ludmila Stal

Our series on the lives and struggles of great revolutionary women continues with Marija Cubalevska’s look at the life of Russian underground militant Ludmila Stal Ludmila Stal was born in 1872 in Yekaterinoslaw in the Russian Empire, which today is Dnipropetrovsk in Ukraine. Although her family were well-off, she was a rebel from her early […]

Workers Power  ·  27 May 2010

Revolutionary Women: Yevgenia Bosch

This site begins a new series on revolutionary women to highlight their often forgotten role in the communist movement. Katja Teran starts the first in the series on Yevgenia Bosch Yevgenia Bogdanovna Bosch was born on 11 August 1879 (23 August after the calendar was modernised) in Ochakiv in the Ukraine. Victor Serge, the communist writer, […]

Workers Power  ·  08 February 2010

Party and Programme: Bolshevism Versus Opportunism 1903 – 1912 – Part 2

This article is devoted to the debate on the political and organisational heritage of Trotskyism and Leninism to which the Workers’ Socialist League, the International Marxist Group and the International-Communist League contributed in the 1970s What is being debated? The IMG have centred the debate around their own current ’unity offensive’. In the series of […]

Workers Power  ·  10 July 1978

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