Disable the government – not Remploy!

By Sally Turner   REMPLOY, a government-owned company that provides disabled people with employment, is closing 36 of its 54 factories and sacking at least 1,700 workers. Everyone should oppose this act, which will destroy workers’ dignity and independence, as well as halting socially useful production. Workers Power and Revolution members went to meet the […]

Workers Power  ·  12 May 2012

A rout for the parties of austerity – an opportunity for the left

The Greek elections have demonstrated a massive popular rejection of the governing parties who support the EU-IMF austerity memorandum that has caused so much suffering to ordinary Greek people over the last two years. New Democracy (ND), which won 33.5 per cent in 2009, is in first place with 18.9 per cent, a loss of […]

Workers Power  ·  12 May 2012

The battle of Downhills – no to Academies!

Staff and parents at Downhills Primary School have launched an impressive campaign to fight the Department of Educations attempt to force the community school into becoming an academy, writes Rachel Brooks

Workers Power  ·  23 January 2012

New report in ‘cuts cause poverty’ shock

Have you noticed that the Con-Dems’ have stopped insisting ‘we’re all this together’? A new report showing child poverty rates spiralling as cuts hit the poorest families hardest might help explain why. The report, published by the Campaign to End Child Poverty tells a tale of two cities in Leeds. Child poverty rates in the […]

Workers Power  ·  14 January 2012

15 October: Occupy Wall Street Goes Global

The global day of indignation against banks and pro-business politicians was an enormous success. A new movement has been born.

Dave Stockton  ·  19 October 2011

TUC day of action could see millions strike

Millions are going on strike against government cuts but to see success we need to keep the pressure on the union tops, writes John Bowman

Workers Power  ·  16 September 2011

Militant action can reverse Con-Dem education reforms

A year after students took to the streets, the fight for the future of education in Britain continues. As young people are confronted with few university places and even fewer job opportunities, the need to integrate the education and the anti-cuts movement becomes even more urgent, writes Joana Ramiro

Workers Power  ·  31 August 2011

Bombardier jobs massacre – unions must resist!

Over 1,400 jobs are being cut at train manufacturer Bombardier, but Unite is failing to organise resistance, writes M J Cook

Workers Power  ·  08 July 2011

The fight is on! Mass strikes planned for 30 June

Around 750,000 workers will be taking strike action on 30 June. Whilst the media and government go crazy with anger we need to prepare to make the strikes solid and massive – writes Simon Hardy

Workers Power  ·  15 June 2011

Profit fuels rural bus cuts

John Bowden reports for Oxford Save Our Services on the murky world of big transport, and how major bus companies are using the cuts to justify killing local services. Read it here…

Workers Power  ·  15 June 2011

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