The fight against antisemitism in Labour

BY KD Tait THE DECISION by Labour’s right wing to reheat the smear campaign accusing Jeremy Corbyn of failing to tackle antisemitism within the party is a deliberate attempt to sabotage Labour’s local election campaign, discredit the leadership, and silence critics of Israel’s brutal oppression of the Palestinians. Though they have differing priorities and motives, […]

Workers Power  ·  02 May 2018

Reinstate Moshé Machover

The noted socialist and Anti-Zionist writer has been purged by the Labour Party

Workers Power  ·  12 October 2017

“No need for a conspiracy”: antisemitism and free speech on Israel

Red Flag spoke to Naomi Wimbourne-Idrissi of the website ‘Free Speech on Israel’ about the continued charges of antisemitism levelled against the left in general and supporters of Corbyn in particular RED FLAG: First, who set up Free Speech on Israel and why? NAOMI WIMBOURNE-IDRISSI: It was earlier this year, that a number of us from […]

Workers Power  ·  07 November 2016

What is Zionism? Q&A (short version)

A longer version of this article published for the 68th anniversary of the 1948 Partition of Palestine appears here. This shorter version was edited down for print. By Marcus Halaby What is Zionism? Isn’t it just a code word for Jews? Zionism is the idea that all Jewish people, regardless of their present location, citizenship […]

Workers Power  ·  25 May 2016

Antisemitism past and present

The recent furore in Labour has renewed debate about the nature of one of the oldest forms of racism By Jeremy Dewar & Dave Stockton Religious bigotry is practically as old as religion itself. And Christian religious bigotry against Jews, unparalleled in the Muslim world of the same period, was a feature of the so-called […]

Workers Power  ·  25 May 2016

What is Zionism? Question & Answer

By Marcus Halaby On the 68th anniversary of the original Partition of Palestine, and in the wake of the Labour right’s smears about antisemitism on the left, we answer a few common questions about the debate on Zionism, antisemitism and Israel-Palestine What is Zionism? Isn’t it just a code word for Jews? Why do some […]

Workers Power  ·  15 May 2016

“Labour antisemitism crisis”: stop the right wing sabotage

Statement Anti-Zionism is not antisemitism This campaign is actually directed against Corbyn and the party’s new left majority Fight all forms of racism Counter-offensive against the right starts now A cynical campaign is in full swing to destabilise the Labour leadership on the verge of the London Mayoral, local and regional elections, and in particular […]

Workers Power  ·  29 April 2016

Class struggle bulletin

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