Leaflets & Posters

Our national leaflets and posters can be viewed and downloaded here. Click the link to download a PDF copy.

NHS pay deal is a pay cut: vote ‘no’! 28 March 2023

RCN: Victory to the nurses! 15 December 2022

CWU: All out on 9 December! 9 December 2022

Postal bosses go nuclear 1 November 2022

Break the bosses before they break Royal Mail 20 October 2022

Solidarity with rail workers! 30 July 2022

BT, mail, post: escalate and coordinate 29 July 2022

Strikes: time to escalate and coordinate 27 July 2022

Sri Lanka: Everything must change! 16 July 2022

Solidarity with the rail workers! 25 June 2022

Railworkers’ strike bulletin 22 June 2022

A united front to beat cost of living crisis 1 May 2022

From imperialist war to class war 2 March 2022

Make the rich pay! 12 February 2022

UCU Higher Education strike bulletin December 2021

Channel drownings: Open the borders to refugees leaflet November 2021

Solidarity with UCU strike leaflet November 2021

Stop the Tories’ Nationalities’ Bill October 2021

Labour Party Conference bulletin September 2021

Solidarity with Brazilian workers leaflet July 2021

Stop the Labour party purge leaflet June 2021

Health workers can lead pay fight June 2021

For a workers’ boycott of Israel leaflet May 2021

End UK support for Zionist state May 2021

Stop Israeli aggression in Gaza leaflet May 2021

Keep schools closed! leaflet December 2020

Stop Channel refugee deaths leaflet August 2020

Tories rig exam results leaflet August 2020

NHS: Organise to fight for 15% leaflet July 2020

NHS: Pay justice or a slap in the face? leaflet July 2020

Down with Fortress Europe leaflet March 2020

CWU: Vote ‘Yes’ and prepare to fight bulletin March 2020

UCU: Rank and file organisation key to victory bulletin February 2020

Stop the Tory Brexit coup leaflet December 2019

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