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After 1 February: where next?

By KD Tait ON 1 FEBRUARY hundreds of thousands of teachers, lecturers, civil servants and train drivers struck in the biggest coordinated day of action for many years. In London […]

KD Tait  ·  07 February 2023

Editorial 400: Victory means rank and file organisation

THE CURRENT strike wave represents the biggest and most widely spread opposition to capital since the 1980s, with up to 3 million strike days between June 2022 and the beginning […]

Workers Power  ·  07 February 2023

Tories rip up workers’ rights

By Jeremy Dewar PRIME MINISTER Rishi Sunak and business secretary Grant Shapps are rushing the Strikes (minimum service levels) Bill through parliament in order to deny workers the right to […]

Jeremy Dewar  ·  07 February 2023

NHS strikes: organise to win

IN A historic first, nurses in the RCN union, pushed to breaking point, have joined the strike wave against the cost of living crisis. And despite media attempts to probe […]

Andy Yorke  ·  07 February 2023

CWU reballot: vote yes and restore the strike!

By Pete Thompson WORKERS IN Royal Mail and Parcelforce took 18 days of strike action last year against bosses’ plans to hold down pay and rip up terms and conditions […]

Workers Power  ·  23 January 2023

All out on 1 February!

THE WORKING class is facing the most serious attack on its living standards since the introduction of austerity after the financial crisis of 2007–8. Workers have responded with the biggest […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

Organise the rank and file

THE STRIKES that have dominated the headlines for six months represent a decade of pent-up anger.Millions of workers, especially in the public sector, have seen their real take-home pay collapse […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

We need a general strike to stop new anti-strike laws

RISHI SUNAK’S new anti-strike Bill aims to make any effective strike on the railways, in hospitals or in schools illegal, by requiring unions to negotiate ‘minimum service levels’ with their […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

Defend workers’ incomes against inflation

INFLATION HAS reached its highest level since the 1980s. The November rate for the UK was 10.67%. Between September 2021 and September 2022, food prices increased by 14.5 percent. At […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

Rebuilding our movement

AS IMPORTANT as they are, these strikes are not the immediate answer for the whole working class. Given weak levels of unionisation and strikes in Britain since the 1980s and […]

Workers Power  ·  16 January 2023

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