Keir Starmer’s election: the end of the Corbyn revolution

THE ELECTION of Keir Starmer as Labour leader, with 56.2% of the vote, represents a clear victory for the right in the party. Neither the fact that some on the left were seduced into voting for Starmer, nor that Rebecca Long-Bailey got 27.6% of the vote, can disguise this. Starmer himself dispelled any doubts by […]

Red Flag  ·  15 April 2020

A programme of action to fight the corona crisis

In the first weeks of the new decade the world has been shaken by the emergence of a global pandemic whose consequences, in human or financial terms, cannot yet be measured. What is certain is that this public health emergency will expose the inability of the world’s political and economic system – capitalism – to […]

Red Flag  ·  24 March 2020

IWD 2020: Build a socialist women’s movement

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2020 comes at a time of widespread mobilisations of women against rape, sexual harassment and violence in the home and on the streets. The tsunami of women speaking out against their abusers, inspired by the #MeToo campaign, exposed the pervasiveness of outrageous sexism in every area of life. Sexist behaviour is not […]

Red Flag  ·  08 March 2020

Statement: Internationalist solidarity with Women’s Democratic Front

THE League for the Fifth International categorically condemns the seven-hour-long illegal detention of the Balochistan president of the Women’s Democratic Front, WDF, Jalila Haider. We express solidarity with WDF comrades in the wake of this harassment and intimidation by the Pakistani state. Haider was boarding her flight to the UK early on Monday morning, January […]

Red Flag  ·  20 January 2020

A failure of strategy

LABOUR’S SHATTERING DEFEAT at the hands of Boris Johnson is a bitter day for millions of class conscious workers and most young people. Their hopes of reversing the ravages of austerity, of seriously addressing climate change, of breaking the shackles on the unions, have been cruelly dashed. Armed with a huge Commons majority, with a […]

Red Flag  ·  13 December 2019

Down with the coup in Bolivia!

What began as a protest against alleged electoral irregularities in the Bolivian presidential election, fomented by the business and landowning elites, with semi-fascist street gangs as enforcers, has ended in a police and military coup d’etat, forcing the resignation of Evo Morales, Bolivia’s first elected indigenous president. He resigned after receiving an ultimatum from the head of the […]

KD Tait  ·  16 November 2019

Vote Labour to stop Brexit and launch the fightback!

Labour’s election campaign has got off to a strong start with reports of hundreds turning out for canvassing in constituencies up and down the country. Momentum is signing up teams to hit the streets in marginal seats, to organise mass phone banking and rallies in support of a programme of progressive reforms. The headline message is that […]

KD Tait  ·  15 November 2019

Stop the Turkish invasion of Syria: victory to the Kurdish resistance!

Turkish forces are pounding cities and towns in northern Syria/Rojava, including the region’s biggest city, Qamishli, as well as Kobane, still in ruins after the war to oust ISIS. Air raids and heavy artillery strikes have forced thousands of civilians to flee into arid open country where there is neither shelter nor food and water. […]

Red Flag  ·  11 October 2019

Stop Johnson’s No Deal coup – by any means necessary!

We need a massive campaign of resistance to this constitutional coup

Red Flag  ·  28 August 2019

Global capitalism at a turning point

Our perspectives on the current global situation, League for the Fifth International Congress in Berlin, June 2019

Red Flag  ·  10 August 2019

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