Review: The Road to Somewhere by David Goodhart

David Goodhart's new book presents a deeply conservative analysis of the post-Brexit convulsions in British politics

Tim Nailsea  ·  14 May 2020

Why socialists oppose the Tories’ new immigration system

Trade unions and Labour MPs should oppose this attack on workers and fight for the progressive policy passed at conference

Dave Brody  ·  01 March 2020

Why we shouldn’t be surprised the Tories hired a eugenicist

The pseudo-science of eugenics is making a comeback internationally

Tom Sherwood  ·  20 February 2020

Stop the deportation flights!

Deportation exposes the racist and barbaric nature of the hostile environment policy

Dave Brody  ·  17 February 2020

Tories turn on child refugees

Boris Johnson’s Tory government published legislation in December announcing their intention to scrap the Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Scheme (VCRS). This would enshrine in law the Tories’ hostility to child refugees

Olivia Nightingale  ·  04 January 2020

Haiti’s Black Jacobins

On 1 January 1804, Jean-Jaques Dessalines declared the independence and sovereignty of Haiti as the second republic in the Americas and the first country to abolish slavery.

Red Flag  ·  23 October 2019

Review: Superior The Return of Race Science by Angela Saini

Angela Saini’s third book, Superior, is a logical follow-on from her second, Inferior, on the failure of science in relation to women. She is a science journalist and BBC scientific presenter. The book’s thesis is that rather than being new, the use of scientific language for racist ends is almost as old as the concept of […]

Tom Sherwood  ·  07 October 2019

The global war on migrants

With the Brexit deadline looming and the debate around free movement of European Union nationals reaching its xenophobic zenith, the wider plight of international migrants is all too often neglected. Nationalism and anti-migrant rhetoric are on the rise internationally, and vulnerable people, fleeing war, oppression and climate disaster, are being refused entry into safer countries. […]

George and Dave Brody  ·  07 October 2019

57 per cent back UK burka ban

OVER THE summer France has once more debated the issue of Islamic dress after mayors in more than 30 seaside towns introduced a ban on burkinis-the full body (but not face) covering swimwear. Here in Britain, banning the burka or the burkini has hardly been a topic of discussion outside the fringes of the right. UKIP […]

Rebecca Anderson  ·  20 September 2016

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