A year of war in Ukraine

Resolution adopted by the XIIth Congress of the League for the Fifth International.

Workers Power  ·  01 July 2023

Imperialism, capitalism and the destruction of humanity and nature

A Marxist analysis of the fundamental contradictions between sustainability and the capitalist mode of production.

Workers Power  ·  07 April 2020

Autumn 2013 Political-economic perspectives

Perspectives, strategy and tasks in the class struggle.

Workers Power  ·  15 September 2013

Trotskyism in the 21st Century

The general principles of Leninism-Trotskyism in the 21st century.

Workers Power  ·  01 April 2013

A Workers’ Answer to the Crisis (2009)

An action programme to fight the capitalist crisis

Workers Power  ·  09 October 2009

Save the Planet From Capitalist Destruction

The systemic causes of the climate crisis and the role of the working class in solving it.

Workers Power  ·  04 August 2009

Documents of the League vol. 1: Introduction

Introduction to a collection of League theses and resolutions.

Workers Power  ·  04 August 2009

Theses on Communists and the Trade Unions

The methods and principles of communist work in the trade unions.

Workers Power  ·  01 July 2009

The Method and Principles of Communist Organisation

Resolution on the methods and principles of communist organisation, from ideological current to mass party

Workers Power  ·  01 March 2009

Resolution on the Characterisation of the Working Class

A political-economic analysis of the working class under capitalism.

Workers Power  ·  01 June 1998

Nationalism, Nation States and National Liberation

Principles, strategy and tactics in the struggle for national liberation.

Workers Power  ·  19 April 1995

Theses on the United Front

Theses on the united front and how revolutionaries use the tactic to win support and leadership within workers' struggles

Workers Power  ·  01 January 1994

30 Theses in Defence of Trotskyism

1992 edition of our theses on the nature and principles of Trotskyism.

Workers Power  ·  01 July 1992

Theses on the Early Stages of Party Building

Theses on the method and principles of the organisation of pre-party communist groups

Workers Power  ·  01 July 1992

Theses on Electoral Tactics

How should revolutionaries operate in elections and parliament?

Workers Power  ·  01 October 1987

Theses on the Anti-Imperialist United Front

Resolution outlining the tactics of communists towards non-proletarian classes in the struggle against imperialism in the semi-colonies.

Workers Power  ·  31 December 1986

Communists and nuclear power

The communist programme for the nuclear power industry.

Workers Power  ·  31 December 1986

Theses on Reformism

Theses on reformism, reformist parties, the united front, and labor, affiliation, entry, and electoral tactics.

Workers Power  ·  01 March 1983

The Fundamentals of our Programme (1983)

A general outline of our early programme, precursor to the Trotskyist Manifesto and From Protest to Power

Workers Power  ·  01 March 1983

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