The Americas

The house always wins: What we can learn from the GameStop stock war

The war between Wall Street and Reddit shows you cannot defeat the capitalists at their own game.

Rob Schofield  ·  02 February 2021

US Elections: Democrat president, divided congress

International Secretariat, League for the Fifth International Joe Biden looks certain to be the next President of the USA but, despite a record turnout of some 160 million voters, this was no “blue tidal wave”. On the contrary, the Democratic party failed to win the Senate and even lost seats in the House of Representatives. […]

Red Flag  ·  06 November 2020

Bolivia’s Election: The defeat of the 2019 Coup

The Bolivian working class and indigenous peoples must ensure their electoral victory doesn't end in class collaboration.

Liga Socialista  ·  04 November 2020

Chile: Mass movement wins constitutional convention

From protests to the referendum and beyond.

Chris Clough  ·  04 November 2020

Election Day: US democracy faces crisis of legitimacy

Millions of US citizens vote today in an election which the whole world is watching.

Red Flag  ·  03 November 2020

Colombia: authoritarianism in the pandemic

Protests in Colombia met with police violence

J. Garcia  ·  21 September 2020

Bolivia: Strikes and blockades greet postponement of elections

By Dave Stockton A wave of strikes and blockades, called by the trade union federation, COB, and an alliance of peasant and indigenous organisations has paralysed Bolivia for ten days after the Supreme Electoral Court, TSE, announced the cancellation of elections scheduled for September 6. The movement is backed by the Movement towards Socialism, MAS, […]

Red Flag  ·  12 August 2020

USA: Trump toys with a Police State

Donald Trump has been trialling a presidential coup d’etat.

Dave Stockton  ·  22 July 2020

The murder of George Floyd and the uprising against police racism

By Martin Suchanek and Jaqueline Katharina Singh George Floyd was murdered in a brutal and cowardly fashion by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on a public street in front of bystanders on the morning of May 25th. One of them videoed the whole event and now millions worldwide have seen it. It has triggered weeks […]

Red Flag  ·  25 June 2020

Harvey Weinstein’s conviction is a symbolic victory for #MeToo

Harvey Weinstein would never have seen the inside of a courtroom without the rebirth of a movement against sexual harassment and rape

Rebecca Anderson  ·  29 February 2020

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