‘Antisemitic’ Labour: a Jewish socialist writes

Jewish people face casual discrimination on a day-to-day basis within capitalist society. This continues a long-standing historical trend; we were forced to become money-lenders in Europe during the Middle Ages, leading to harmful stereotypes which persist to this day, such as that the Jews are a duplicitous people who are only interested in money and […]

Dave Brody  ·  10 December 2019

CLR James: From Trotskyism to Pan-Africanism

Over 80 years ago, CLR James’ remarkable work, The Black Jacobins was published in London. Its author openly intended his book to “stimulate the coming emancipation of Africa”. And indeed it did, playing a part in developing a movement of young black intellectuals in London, who were paralleled by similar figures in Paris and New […]

Dave Stockton  ·  14 October 2019

We need an internationalist alternative to Brexit

The internationalist left need to outline an alternative to Corbyn's nationalist Brexit project

Urte March  ·  14 February 2019

The anti-cuts movement and the united front

By Jeremy Dewar TORY CHANCELLOR George Osborne has told the BBC that, “storm clouds are clearly gathering in the world economy and that has a consequence for lots of countries including Britain”. At the same time, the Office of National Statistics revealed that the UK economy is 1 per cent smaller than previously calculated: a […]

Jeremy Dewar  ·  06 March 2016

Was I at Left Unity's first National Meeting?

By Richard Brenner IT’S ONE week since the first national meeting of Left Unity, and after reading some of the more hostile reports and comments I wonder if I was at the same meeting. A shambles, one report called it. What? 100 delegates assembled from more than 80 local branches, more than half of them elected […]

Workers Power  ·  19 May 2013

Class struggle bulletin

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