The problem with ‘Just Stop Oil’

4 July 2023 was the hottest day since records began, since then wildfires and extreme heat has scorched several countries around the world.

Alex Rutherford  ·  27 July 2023

The Public Order Bill is an attack on the right to protest

The Bill has passed the House of Commons.

George Banks  ·  17 December 2022

The anti-cuts movement and the united front

By Jeremy Dewar TORY CHANCELLOR George Osborne has told the BBC that, “storm clouds are clearly gathering in the world economy and that has a consequence for lots of countries including Britain”. At the same time, the Office of National Statistics revealed that the UK economy is 1 per cent smaller than previously calculated: a […]

Jeremy Dewar  ·  06 March 2016

Lessons from the 2010–11 student movement

By KD Tait THE ACTS OF resistance taken by thousands of young people during the student movement of winter 2010-11 shook the government and sparked months of mass opposition to cuts. Democratic general assemblies uniting students with workers and young people, militant demonstrations using self-defence against police violence, and nationally coordinated waves of direct action including boycotts, […]

Workers Power  ·  10 September 2012

Class struggle bulletin

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